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We Buy Scrap Metal
Venture Metals provides quality metal products to consumers overseas.  Our trading office currently handles over 600 export containers a month.  We purchase, broker, and market ferrous and non-ferrous export scrap metal from targeted sources.  We are unique in that we selectively choose our suppliers.  This allows us to meet the quality demands of our specialty consumers who will roll or melt the scrap into finished products. Our expertise is the ability to negotiate and maintain relationships with direct consumers and mills globally.

Countries Served:
South Korea

Trading Services:
20’ & 40’ Container Shipping
CCIC & PSIC Inspection at our location
Commodity Hedging
Premium Pricing based on Global Visibility
Freight Rates and Bookings
LC, DP, TT Payments
Export Document Generation

Metals Traded:
All Ferrous Products
All High Temp Alloys
All Turnings Products
Berry/Candy – Birch/Cliff – Clove
Ebony – Honey – Ocean – Druid
Taint/Tabor – Tough/Taboo – Tense – Talk
Sabot – Elmo – Zorba