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Please visit us at our new state of the art Recycling Plant:
10848 Luna Rd Dallas, TX 75220

Tantor Plant
11221 Tantor Rd
Dallas, TX 75229
phone: 214-421-8600
fax: 214-421-8608
10848 Luna Rd
Dallas, TX 75220
phone:  214-574-4100
fax:  214-574-4103
Mailing Address
PO BOX 59883
Dallas, TX 75229



Department Contact Phone Email
Dispatch Jose Flores 214-421-8600 dispatch@venturemetalsinc.com
Office and HR Christina Felix-McDaniel 214-574-4100 christina@venturemetalsinc.com
Purchasing Sean Spicer 214-574-4100 sean@venturemetalsinc.com
Scrap Pricing Steve Nurenberg 214-574-4100 steve@venturemetalsinc.com
Export Trading Chris Chong 214-574-4100 chris@venturemetalsinc.com
Domestic Sales Danny Yale 214-574-4100 dyale@venturemetalsinc.com
HSE Compliance Waylon Gage 214-574-4100 safety@venturemetalsinc.com
Operations Eric Kemp 214-574-4100 eric@venturemetalsinc.com
Accounting Preston Dargan 214-574-4100 preston@venturemetalsinc.com

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